How to Add More Storage to PC for Gaming: Know the effective methods

We are here to know how to add more storage to pc for gaming as gaming industry boom. we see regularly how latest or modern games are launching day by day. This modern games require too much space for games to download or to play.

In the world of gaming, storage requirements is primary need. What the latest and modern games we are seeing today, all they are taking larger amounts of space as compared to old one. So it becomes important for us to have large amount of storage to accommodate all your favorite titles, downloadable content, updates, and mods, anything that is needed.

The process of expanding your PC’s storage capacity is a relatively straightforward process. Here in this guide, we will try to discuss various types of methods and try to know how to add more storage to your PC required for gaming needs.

Lets discuss the important methods through which storage of PC for gaming can be increased.

Internal Hard Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs):

Internal storage expansion is one of the most common method for increasing storage capacity for PCs. Internal hard drive or simply HDDs is one of the best and cost-effective solution for large storage capacity handling while the SSDs storage provides faster load times and better performance.

Lets know step by step how to increase internal storage through HDDs and SDDs.

  • Installation: For installing an additional HDD or SSD, first you have to open your PC case and intsall the SATA ports on your motherboard. Now you have to insert the drives into the available drive bay and then connect that SATA data and power cables.
  • Configuration: Once the installation is completed, now you need to format and partition the new drive using your operating system’s disk management tools.

Advantage of SSDs and HDDs

The main advantages of Internal drives is that you got very high storage capacities which is dedicated specially for gaming, enhancing performance and organization.

External Hard Drives and SSDs

The second method through which storage of pc can be increased is through the use of external storage devices. This devices provide a convenient and portable solution for expanding storage capacity that is important for gamers who have requirement of additional space without opening their PC.

Advantages of External Hard drives

  • Connectivity: The increment of storage through the use of external device is done only through external connecting device like USB with the options that is ranging from USB-A to USB-C and and for faster transfer speed, you can use thunderbolt.
  • Plug and Play: The benificial point about External drives is that they are often plug-and-play which means that they don’t requires any additional installation or configuration.
  • Portability: Other beneficial point about the external drives is that it can be easily moved between systems, which makes them versatile for gaming on different PCs or consoles.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

For gamers who have multiple devices or a home network, NAS offers you a centralized storage solution that can be accessed through a connected device.

  • Setup: NAS systems consist of one or more hard drives that are connected to your home network, which can be accessed through Ethernet or Wi-Fi derconnections.
  • Expandability: The way through which NAS systems can be expanded is by adding additional hard drives or you can upgrade the existing ones. By this way, you can provide virtually limitless capacity.
  • Accessibility: Other benifits which we can see in NAS storage is that it can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. It can make an ideal solution for households with multiple gaming lovers .

Method of Cloud Storage

As it is not traditionally associated with gaming but this cloud storage services offer you a convenient backup and synchronization solution for game saves, settings, or even entire game libraries.

  • Integration: Most of important gaming platforms like Xbox Live, steam etc offers us built-in cloud storage facility for enjoying game saves and settings. It also ensures that your progress is safely backed up which can’t be lost and can be accessible from any device.
  • Subscription Services: Most of the cloud storage providers provides you subscription-based gaming services.They gives you access of a library of games stored in the cloud. Through this, the need of local storage is entirely eliminated.
  • Security: Cloud storage provides a best security measures which protect your data from lost. We can say that it can safeguard your data loss from hardware failure or anyother losses.

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How to Add More Storage to PC for Gaming

Some Important FAQs

Why would I need more storage for gaming?

We know that games are evolving contionously day by day. Because of this, the file size of game is too increasing, thats why pc need more space to install or run the game. Also storing downloadable content, game recording etc also quickly fill up your existing storage, thats why we need more storage.

Which types of storage can we add to my pc for Gaming?

You can add many types of storage to your PC like HDDs, SSDs etc.

Is it possible to upgrade storage on laptops for gaming?

Yes you can upgrade storage of gaming laptops with the help of specfic tools and professional help.

How much storage space do I need for gaming?

The amount of storage needed depends on the number and size of the games you play on PC.

Can I Transfer games from my existing storage to the new one?

Yes, you can transfer games from your existing storage to the new one.

Will adding more storage affect my gaming performance?

No adding more storage will not directly affect gaming performance.


In conclusion, increasing pc storage capacity for gaming purposes has now become important for every popular gamers. It is now a straightforward process with various options available to suit your needs and budget.

There are lots of option available for you to increase storage like internal drives, external storage devices, network-attached storage(NAS), or Cloud storage solutions. By considering all these, you can opt out one from all of them which you think is best and affordable for you. By adding more storage to your PC, you got a large amount of space for your game library and downloadable content. Through this, you can enjoy a continous gaming experiences without worrying about the storage limitations.

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