Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning Off: Know the Possible Reasons

Lets talk why does my ps5 console keep turning off, many of us want to know the detailed reasons behind it.

If you are contionously experiencing that the PS5 console of game is repeatedly shutting down due to some unexpected reasons.

So Don’t worry, we are always here to help you in anyway.

Most of the gamers playing this home video game console commonly faces this problem. There are many reasons for this cause to happen and we can say that there is also many solutions through which it can be resolved. Here we will try in detail to discuss about the reasons of sudden shutdown of PS5’s console and we will try to provide you effective steps to resolve the issue. Lets know all the resons behind the issues.

Major Reasons Behind The Sudden Turning off Of PS5 Console

We are always in a help to resolve any critical issues related to gaming so that one can get the perfect solution for it as soon as possible. Lets talk one by one.

Due to Overheating

The most common reasons for a PS5 console to shut down suddenly is only due to overheating. When the internal temperature of the console reaches at a critical level, then it automatically switch off to prevent the console from being damaged. This is the first reason for which PS5 console automatically switched off.

For preventing PS5 console from automatically switch off, you have to ensure that PS5 console has proper ventilation and the airflow passage of the console should not be obstructed by any objects. More you have to consider the proper maintenance of a cooling standard required by the console. In short word, we can say that you have to place the console in a proper cooling environment so as protect console from overheating issues.

Due to Power Supply

We have to know that a faulty power supply system or a loose power cables can also be a reason for the sudden shutdown of PS5 console.

For preventing the console from automatic shutdown, you have to ensure that all the cables are safely and perfectly connected to both the end. ie. the console and the power outlet.

If you suspect any defects in the power supply, then your first step is to change the defective power cable and then check weather the issue persists or not.

Due to Glitches in System Software

If your system software has bugs or damaged files then it can cause your PS5 to turn off suddenly.

For preventing the PS5 console from sudden shut down due to glitches in system software, you have to regularly check up your system software in the setting menu weather it is up to date or not.

If the issue of sudden shut down of PS5 console persists even after the regular check up of system software, then you need to factory reset the system otherwise reinstall the system software to resolve this issues.

Due to Interference of External devices

In some cases, the electronic interference from nearby devices like Bluetooth, Routers can also obstruct in the perfectly functioning of PS5 and can be a reason of sudden shutdowns of console.

For preventing the sudden shutdown of PS5 console due to interference, there are two ways through which you can resolve the issue. In First method, you have to move the console away from the wireless or electronic devices and in second method, you can do it by disabling the wireless connections temporarily. Through this, we can resolve this issue.

Due to Hardware Malfunctions

The defective hardware components of the console like defective power button or any other defective components can be a reason for the unexpected shut down of the console.

If you suspect any hardware defect in the console, then it is your duty to contact customer support team of the particular brand for repair or exchange.

Why is my PS5 turning off by itself while playing games

Because of these following reasons, ps5 automatically turned off. Lets see them:

  • Overheating of console
  • Hardware Malfunctions
  • Interference of External devices
  • Glitches in System Software
  • Power supply system

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Why Does My ps5 Keep Turning Off

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my PS5 shut off randomly?

Overheating, power supply, glitches in system software, interference of external device, hardware malfunction etc are the reasons of random shut down of par console.

Why does my PS5 keep crashing?

Unstable power supply is the reason behind crashing.

How do I know if my PS5 is overheating?

Random and sudden turning off of ps5 console is an indication of overheating.

How do I fix my PS5 from overheating?

To fix the overheating issue of ps5 console, you are required to maintain proper ventilation and the airflow passage of the console. Also you have to consider the proper maintenance of a cooling standard required by the console.

How long is PS5 warranty?

1 year


We all know that sudden and unexpected shutdown of PS5 console is a frustrating issue for a gamer. After Identifying and addressing the real reason of the issue which we discuss above, you can easily resolve the issue and restart enjoying your gaming experience.

As we discussed every reasons of unexpected or sudden shutdown of ps5 gaming console like overheating, power connections, system software, external device interference, or hardware malfunctions. After examining the reason through our suggested reasons, you can easily resolve the issue.

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